About This Feature

Bookmarks are a great way for Members to manage their overall productivity as they provide a way to organize activities, events and content.  Community Members can add a Bookmark to save posts, comments, content, and events for future reference.  This incentivizes your Members to remain in the community and continuously come back. 

How It Works

Bookmarks are saved as a quick reference point for Community Admins and Members.  The Bookmark icon keeps the location; Bookmarks can be easily accessed via the Bookmark icon on the left side of global navigation. 

How To Add A Bookmark

  1. Click on the bookmark icon on the top right in the header to save to bookmarks 

  1. Click the bookmark icon in the left global navigation bar to return to bookmarks.

  1. Once opened, filter through bookmarks based on the type by clicking through the tabs. 


Q: What happens when an Admin deletes a bookmarked object?

A: If an object (content, post, comment or event) is deleted, the bookmark will disappear. 


Q: Can I bookmark Members or messages?

A: Currently, we do not support bookmarking Members or messages. We do hope to support this in the future.