About Products

Creating a Product allows Admins to package focused learning experiences that members can register for. These experiences can range from self-paced courses to more complex cohort-based courses that combine asynchronous content with live events and discussions. 

How It Works

Admins can create a new product from the Admin Area or directly within the Learning area. Products can be initiated from scratch or using pre-built templates optimized for specific learning formats like self-paced or cohort-based courses. Each template includes necessary apps and settings pre-configured to suit the particular educational approach. Once created, products are displayed in a structured dashboard that includes educational content, event schedules, and interactive discussion channels.

How To Create A Product

  1. Navigate to the Products section in the Admin Area or the learning area of Disco.
  2. Click on the "Add Product" button. 
  3. Select a template.
  4. Adjust the settings.
    1. Badge and Title: The name that shows up for your Product.
    2. Description: Communicate to members what the product is about.
    3. Access: 
      • Public
      • Members-only 
      • Invite-only 
  5. Set other key options like duration. 
  6. Click on Save as Draft to create the product and proceed to the product dashboard page.

How To Customize A Product

  1. Customize the Product Dashboard by adding a hero image and various blocks for events, curriculum, posts, and discussion channels as needed.
  2. Finalize the product setup by organizing the left navigation with apps for curriculum, events, feed, collection app for resources, and general discussion channels.
  3. Save the changes and Publish the product to make it available for member registration.