Admin Dashboard Overview

About This Feature

The Admin Area is where Community Owners and Admins can access admin functionality to manage and operate their community on Disco. This area acts as the control center for managing members, content, events, products, automations, analytics, and community settings and appearance.


Your control center for managing members in your community. In the Members area, you can manage existing and new members coming in through invites and applications, customize member profiles and onboarding and assign members to specific roles and groups.


This is where you manage content in Disco. Content is the objects that go into a collection or curriculum app. These can be static content like lessons, blogs, etc OR interactive content like assignments, quizzes, integrations and SCORM. Under Content, you can also manage your media assets like images, videos and documents.


One place to manage all Events happening across the Community and Products.


This is where you will manage the packaged Products across Disco. This includes Products that you package up for members to register and buy, along with Memberships that can include bundles of Products. You can also manage the discounts, public pages, and transactions here across all your Products being offered.


Automations save you time by taking specific actions based on triggers (for example, sending a direct message when a new Member joins). In this area, you can manage all active and draft automations and create new ones. 


Insights is where you will find analytics across the platform. This includes general insights into revenue generated and member growth and detailed insights into engagement and messaging.


This is for connecting with third-party tools like Zoom, Stripe, Slack, Zapier, and more.


This is the area for customizing your Disco community so it’s unique to your brand. In this area, you can customize the look and feel, add your own branding, adjust the domain, and even control labels and navigation to fit your desired setup.


This is for managing the general settings of your community and billing.