About Community Access

Your community’s access is structured in 3 layers: Community Membership, Products and Apps (which controls the objects you have access to, like content, posts, messages and events). These layers provide greater flexibility to configure community access according to your preferences to fit your unique community needs. 

How It Works

At each layer mentioned above, access can be adjusted to tailor any member's individual experience with your community. At the highest level, access is determined by Community Membership, which can be set to Private, or Public. 

A Public community will be accessible for anyone on the internet to discover and join as a member, while a Private community will only be accessible for those who have been invited to join. 

Let’s explore each community type: 


Open to everyone, public communities allow all anyone to sign up for the community to view the content. Membership is still required though.


Private communities provide exclusive access through invitations only. They limit access to members only and allow for other tiered memberships that offer access to restricted content.


Balancing between public and private, hybrid communities allow anyone to sign up and register to explore some community spaces. Access to specific community spaces, products, events and more is restricted behind a paywall for a membership.

How To Update Community Access

  1. Navigate to the Admin Area > Settings
  2. Select Private or Public
  3. Click Save Changes


Q. Can people on the internet see my public community without registering?

A: No, people online will still need to sign up and register for your community to view it and engage.