Generate Images with Disco AI

About This Feature

Generating Images with Disco AI streamlines visual content creation for Admins, enhancing community engagement effortlessly and maintaining a beautiful aesthetic for your community.

How It Works

Admins can input image prompts or descriptions, and Disco AI autonomously generates high-quality images, covers, and thumbnails to complement their content, posts, and products.

How To Generate Images with Disco AI

Step one: Generating Images 

  1. Click to add an image, or type "/" and click to add a block within any content body text.
  2. Choose the option to generate an image, then select the "Generate" tab in the image picker.
  3. Input your image prompt or description, select the desired image type, and click "Generate."

  1. Wait a few seconds as Disco AI crafts your ideal image.
  2. Decide whether to use the generated image, regenerate it with the same prompt, or explore new options.


Important Considerations

Waiting Time: While Disco AI typically generates images quickly, it's important to be patient during the crafting process, especially for more complex or detailed images.

Image Selection: Evaluate the generated images to ensure they align with your content goals and brand aesthetic before finalizing your choice.


Q: Can I customize the generated images further after they are created?

A: Yes! After Disco AI generates an image based on your prompt, you can customize it to perfectly suit your needs.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with using Disco AI for image generation?

A: At the moment Disco AI Beta is free across all plans. As Disco AI evolves, Disco may incorporate usage fees and or tokens.