Generating Quizzes with Disco AI

About This Feature

Generating Quizzes with Disco AI enables Admins to create engaging quizzes effortlessly, fostering participation and knowledge retention within the community.

How It Works

Input quiz questions, then use Disco AI to generate correct and incorrect answer choices. Customize the quiz and publish it to foster engagement within the community.

How To Generate Quizzes with Disco AI

Step one: Generating Images 

  1. Navigate to the Content section to create a new quiz or edit an existing one. 
  2. Start setting up quiz questions by inputting a question.
  3. To generate both correct and incorrect answer choices, click on 'Generate Options with AI'. Disco AI will generate the options and indicate the correct answer in just one click.


Important Considerations

Question Clarity: Ensure that quiz questions are comprehensive and clearly formulated to facilitate Disco AI's accurate generation of answer options.

Reviewing Generated Options: Admins should carefully review the answer choices generated by Disco AI to confirm accuracy and coherence with the intended quiz content.


Q: How does Disco AI generate answer options for quiz questions?

A: Disco AI utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze the input question and generate relevant answer choices based on context and semantics.

Q: Can I customize the generated answer options?

A: Yes, Admins can review, edit, or add additional answer choices generated by Disco AI before finalizing the quiz.