Writing with Disco AI

About This Feature

Writing with Disco AI offers Admins a powerful tool to streamline content creation processes within their community. By leveraging AI-generated suggestions and insights, Admins can enhance the quality and efficiency of their written communications, from announcements and updates to engaging posts and articles.

How It Works

Writing with Disco AI is a seamless process that begins with Admins accessing the writing tool within the platform, whether it's on posts or in the content body. They input a description of what they want to create, and Disco AI generates suggestions, including relevant sentences or even entire paragraphs. Admins can review these suggestions, customizing and refining the content to align with their messaging and tone.

How To Write with Disco AI

Step one: Access the Writing Tool

  1. Navigate to a post or content body where you want to write with Disco AI.
  2. Click to add a block or type "/w" to find the "Write with AI" option easily.


Step two: Input Prompt or Description

  1. A modal will open once you've selected the "Write with AI" option.
  2. Input a prompt or describe the material you want to create. Be clear and concise in your description.
  3. Optionally, you can add a reference link to provide more context for Disco AI. This helps the AI better understand your requirements.

Step three: Generate the text, review and customize it to publish it.

  1. After inputting your prompt and reference link (if any), click "Generate."
  2. Disco AI will then generate relevant sentences or paragraphs based on your input.
  3. Review the suggestions provided by Disco AI.
  4. Customize and refine the content to align with your messaging and tone.
  5. Once you're satisfied with the generated content, finalize your post or content.
  6. Publish it to share with your community.


Important Considerations

Clarity of Input: To get the most relevant suggestions, ensure that your prompt or description provided to Disco AI is clear and specific.

Contextual References: Adding reference links can provide Disco AI with additional context and improve the quality of generated suggestions.

Customization: While Disco AI generates suggestions, it is important to review and customize the content to ensure it aligns with your messaging and tone.


Q: How does Disco AI generate suggestions based on the input provided?

A: Disco AI utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze the input prompt or description provided by the user. It then generates relevant sentences or paragraphs based on the context and semantics of the input.

Q: Can I input prompts in different languages?

A: Yes, Disco AI supports input prompts in various languages. It leverages its multilingual capabilities to generate suggestions in the language specified by the user.