Managing Disco AI Training Data

About This Feature

Enhancing Disco AI's performance is all about giving it the right inputs. Admins boost Disco AI's knowledge by adding various types of content and external links. This helps Disco AI provide more accurate and helpful responses during interactions.

How It Works

Admins can add different types of content, such as lessons, quizzes, and assignments, into the Content section or add external links to contribute to Disco AI's knowledge base.
This section provides insight into the specific types of content Disco AI has been trained on.


Training Source Status
Content (text, lessons, assignments, and quizzes) Training
Feeds Training
Channels Training
External links Coming Soon
Event recordings Coming Soon
Member data Coming Soon
Media assets (pdf, png, jpeg, etc.) Coming Soon
Videos Coming Soon


How To Manage Disco AI Training Data

Step one: Add Content

  1. Within the Content section, create different content types like lessons, quizzes, and assignments.
  2. Input relevant information and ensure accuracy.
  3. Note: Currently, Disco AI does not support videos due to their non-textual nature. However, Admins can include transcriptions of videos within the body of video content. This allows Disco AI to access and utilize the transcribed text effectively.

Step two: Adding external links 

  1. Navigate to the Disco AI section and click to edit the Disco AI Chat capability.
  2. Add external links to start pulling training data from public URLs. 
  3. Review and delete any information synced from links that you don't find helpful.


Important Considerations

Content Relevance: Ensure that the content added to Disco AI's training data remains relevant to the community's needs and objectives.

Regular Updates: While our AI periodically reviews the links to ensure accessibility, Admins must verify that the information remains current and pertinent.

External Link Usage: Admins should ensure that external links added to Disco AI's knowledge base are relevant, reliable, and adhere to community guidelines.



Q: How often should I update Disco AI's training data?

A: It's recommended that Disco AI's training data be reviewed and updated regularly, ideally every year, to ensure it remains accurate and relevant.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the types of external links I can incorporate into Disco AI's training data?

A: External links should be from reputable sources and relevant to the community's interests and objectives. Ensure they comply with the platform's guidelines and standards.

Q: How can I make the Disco AI learn and improve over time?

A: Disco AI utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze and adapt to user interactions over time. However, the learning and improvement process also depends on the quantity and quality of data input by the admin. The more data the AI Sidekick receives, the better it becomes at understanding questions and providing accurate responses.