Designing Community Spaces with Sections and Apps

About 'Community'

The “Community” tab is your members' central home hub, where learning and community engagement come together for ongoing interaction through discussions, access to resources, events, and more. In this area, you can use “Sections” and “Apps” to curate your own community spaces. 


How It Works

The Community area is designed for continuous engagement, ensuring that there's always a pulse of activity and a sense of belonging. Members can navigate through organized spaces tailored to their interests, goals, stage or membership within this area. 

These spaces are equipped with a suite of apps encompassing chat channels, forums, collections of content or embedded integrations for a truly unique and robust community experience. 


How To Steps

Below, we’ll cover the building blocks for designing effective community spaces.

  1. Design a structure: First, you need to decide on the types of spaces you want to create. Some common types of spaces communities choose to design are: 
    1. Stage: Meant to inform and guide members based on where they are at in their community journey. For example, many communities choose to create a “Start Here” space to help orient new members. It can include community guidelines, a set of actions to complete, introductions channel, etc.
    2. Value: Meant to deliver a focused set of value. This will be unique to your community, but could be to organize collections of content, or a set of resources for coaching. For example, you may have a content area that includes multiple Collection Apps for a Newsletter, Podcast, etc. 
    3. Conversations: The most common, a space that facilitates a focused set of conversations. This can either be facilitated through the Feed App or Channel App. 
    4. Group: This type may combine conversations, value and even stage but have the space be tailored for a specific group of people. For example, you may choose to have a “Free” space and a “Pro” space to have separate areas for different memberships.
  2. Add Sections: Once you’ve decided on structure, you can add Sections, the container for your community space. To add a Section, click on the “+” icon located in the top right corner of your left navigation. 
  3. Add Apps: Finally, add the Apps and define the access to complete your community setup. The apps can be a feed, channel, collection, content, link or integration embed. To add an App, select the “+” button in the top right of your left navigation OR the “+” icon that appears on hover over the Section. You can then drag and drop Apps between Sections to organize.