Disco Community Architecture

Disco Architecture: Navigation, Community and Workflow

Disco is designed to bring learning and community together while keeping you more organized, focused, and engaged through the following features:

Sidebar: Dedicated views for maximum focus on how members engage inside Disco. The sidebar includes instant access to all your community core features, plus powerful admin features at your fingertips. Sidebar includes:

  • Community
  • Learning
  • Chat
  • Saved
  • Admin
  • Global “Add” button
  • Your Profile Avatar



Community: The “Community” tab is where members can gather for discussions and get access to resources, events and more. 

  • Drag and drop Apps into Sections. This flexibility allows you to customize how you organize your community, whether by Membership tiers, Groups, or individual members. 
  • Access on Apps. This allows you to modify which members can access an App, creating curated community spaces for Members.
  • More App types! You can add new Apps at the Community level, including Chat Channels, Feeds, and Collections.
  • Link to Products. Link directly from the community area to a product from the community area. 


Learning: The “Learning” tab allows users to explore and participate in learning products (such as cohort-based courses, self-paced courses, masterminds, etc).

  • Products can also be organized into “Sections” to group them into related areas. To tidy up your navigation, you can create sections for “Drafts” or “Past” products. 

Events: The global “Events” tab rolls up all events from Community and Learning Products for a straightforward view to access all your events. 


Chat: Our  “Chat” tab creates a focused view for all conversations, direct messages, and threads, making it easier for you to stay connected and engaged within your Community. Chat channels can be added in the community or learning area so they’re located where you want them, but they will also be mirrored in the chat area.


Saved: For all your bookmarks! Anytime you save something in Disco to bookmark it will always be accessible in the sidebar.


Global “Add” button: Ability to quickly add a new post, message, content, event product or automation from anywhere inside Disco—your easy button for a more productive workflow.


Profile: Under your profile, you will find the “View as Member” feature, which allows you to view your community experience through the lens of a member.


Top Bar: The top bar contains your brand logo, global search, notifications and our help & support.



  1. What if I don’t want a tab in the sidebar?
    1. All Communities are different. To disable the Learning, Chat, or Events tab, go to settings. 
  2. Can I organize everything as a Learning Product?
    1. Yes, if you would like to build everything (including products that act as community spaces) as Products, you can leave everything in the “Products” area.  If you do this, we suggest building a minimal community area for an effective home landing area for members when they enter your community. You can also add a Product Link App that links directly to a Product for easy access.
  3.  Can I set the access to an entire Section?
    1. Not currently; access needs to be set at the App level. 
  4. Do members control the organization of sections (like in Slack)?
    1. No, sections in Disco are controlled 100% by the Admin. Members will only see a section appear if they can access objects within that section. 
  5. How can I customize the look and feel? 
    1. The background color can be customized under the “Appearance” settings in the Admin area for your unique look and feel. 
  6. How do I migrate Member Space Products into the Community area?
    1. To move Products built as member spaces you’ll need to re-create the Apps in Sections under the Community area. If you have upcoming Events, you’ll need to add them to the Community area, and any Discussions (Feeds or Channels) will need to start fresh.  In short, you will lose historical conversations. If you want to keep these products where they are, you can add a Product Link App in the Community area that links to the product.