Invite Members To Your Community


About This Feature

The "Invite Members" feature provides community operators a toolkit for expanding their community through personalized invitations. This is essential for fostering growth and engagement within the community. With options such as shareable invite links, personalized email invites, and the ability to send bulk invites via a CSV file, administrators are equipped with various methods to reach potential new members. 


How It Works

Invites allow the Admin to send a personalized invitation to a new Member; the following options are available in Disco:

 Admins can easily track the Invites you sent and where they have joined from (email or invite link). Admins can also resend an invitation to someone who hasn't accepted it or delete an invitation if it is no longer relevant.



How To Invite Members to a Disco Community

Option 1: Use a Shareable Invite Link

Invite Links provide a unique registration link to prospective Community Members. It is important to note that Community access must be set to Private for this feature to work as intended.

  1.  Set the community access to Private. Navigate to General Settings > Community Access to set your Community to Private:

  2. Navigate to Members > Invites and click on the "+ Invite" button at the top right of the screen. Select “Invite Link” from the options available in the top selector.

  3. [Optional] Edit the Link Preview And the Community Registration Page to personalize the experience for your invitees and provide specific instructions or information about the Community.

  4. Copy the Link that can be shared with potential new Members for direct access to register and become part of your private Community:

Option 2: Send Personalized Email Invites from Disco

  1.  Access the Invite Pop-up Modal by navigating to the Members > Invites page, then click the "+ Invite" button at the screen's top right corner. 

The invite pop-up modal will open; select 'Email Invite' from the options available in the top selector.

  1. Enter Email Addresses by typing the email address in the box and hitting the enter key. Use the dropdown to select the Role for the invited members > 'Member' or 'Admin':
  2. Personalize the Invitation by customizing the message in the ‘Personalize the invite’ text box. We suggest using this opportunity to help your Invitees feel more welcome and provide specific instructions or information about your Community.

  3. [OPTIONAL] Product-Specific Invite > Once a Member has accepted the Invite to join the Community, invitations can be sent for a specific Product within your Community. Product Invites are only sent once the Member has accepted the initial Community Invite to ensure the Member Onboarding is followed first.

Option 3: Bulk Invites via CSV

Onboard up to 1000 members at once using a CSV file:

  1. Prepare your CSV file.  The CSV file must include a Header row with these exact columns:
  • email
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • group

Adding Members to a specific subgroup within a product is possible when bulk inviting. The subgroup must be created before your CSV file is processed, and the subgroup's name must match exactly.  We recommend you copy the subgroup name in Disco and paste it to your CSV file to ensure no errors when processing your bulk invite. 


  1. Access the Invite Pop-up Modal by navigating to the Members > Invites page.  Click the "+ Invite" button at the top right corner of your screen. Select ‘Bulk Invite' from the options available in the top selector.

  2. Upload your CSV by clicking the upload area. After uploading, use the text box to customize your invitation's message. This is an opportunity to help your invitees feel more welcome and give specific instructions or information about your community.

Select "Preview Invites" and check if the information from your file is correctly mapped. The system will highlight any unresolved issues, allowing you to review and make necessary adjustments to your CSV file.

  1. Click "Send Invites" to trigger the email invitation to each individual listed in your CSV file, officially inviting them to join your Community.



  1. Can I regenerate a shareable invite link?

Yes! This is useful in scenarios where unintended recipients have shared or accessed the link; however, it is important to consider the following:  

  • When regenerating the invite link, the old link immediately becomes inactive. No one can use the previous link to access your community.
  • Regenerating the link ensures you control who joins your community, enhancing security and privacy.
  • To prevent unauthorized access, we recommend regenerating the link promptly if you suspect it has been compromised.
  1. Can I use the Bulk Invites to add Members to a Community Group?

Currently, we support adding Members to a pre-existing subgroup within a Product. If a Community Group is included in the CSV, it will not be recognized. 

  1. Can I add members to multiple subgroups in a single CSV upload?

At this time members can be assigned to one subgroup only in a single CSV Upload.