Events - Product vs Community

About This Feature

Disco Events enhance community engagement through diverse event-hosting options. With events, community operators can:

  • Facilitate Events with efficient attendance tracking
  • Schedule a series of recurring Events
  • Schedule in-person Events

How It Works

When creating new events, community operators can choose to host an online event that is 

  • Open to all members: whether the entire community members or when linked to a specific product, all product members.
  • Private: Members from specific groups or subgroups.
  • Public: Anyone on the Internet can see and attend.

How To Create A New Event

  1. Navigate to the 'Events' tab > Click "+Add Event" in the upper right corner. 


  1. Fill in the information for the event, such as event name, date and time. Set the recurrence details if it's a recurring event. To make this event available to members from specific products, use the “Link to Product” option.

  1. Select Event Location: Decide on the format of your event:
  • For a virtual event hosted on Zoom, choose the Zoom option and link it to your Zoom account.
  • Select the custom link option for an online event hosted on another platform (like Google Meets, Whereby, etc.) and provide the appropriate URL.
  • For an in-person event, select the in-person option and provide the specific address where the event will occur.
  1. Specify the event's accessibility to ensure the right audience can see and attend:
  • Make the event accessible to all community members, fostering broad participation within your community.
  • Choose to keep it private, allowing only members from specific groups to view and participate, ensuring a focused and relevant audience.
  • Set the event as public, enabling anyone on the internet with the event link to see and attend, expanding your reach beyond the community.
  1. After finalizing all the details, save the event as a Draft to continue editing as needed. Once ready, Publish the event to make it visible to respected audiences.


Q: How can members add events to their calendars?

A: Members can easily add events to their calendars by clicking the “Attend” button on the event page. Upon doing so, they will receive an email containing an ICS file. This file is compatible with calendar programs like Google Calendar.

Q: How do I track member Attendance?

A:  To monitor member attendance, navigate to the event drawer first, then click the “Attendees” tab. This section provides information about who has RSVP'd to your event. For online events, you can also view their attendance status and the time they joined the event.

Q: Can I manage event reminders that go out to members

A: Yes. You can schedule reminder emails via the Reminders section in the Settings tab within the event drawer. Specify the time and select your target audience, for example, all members, those who have confirmed attendance, or those who have yet to confirm. This is key to ensuring maximum attendance and engagement at your events. 

Q: Can a Member revoke their RSVP?

A: Yes! If a Member needs to change their RSVP, they can revoke it.  This change will initiate an updated ICS file emailed to the Member, removing the Event from the Member's calendar.  The Member will also not receive any follow-up notifications for the Event.  

Q: Can an Admin revoke a Member's RSVP?

A: Admins cannot remove a Member's RSVP; the Member must do it themselves.