Bulk Message Your Members


About This Feature

Bulk Messaging allows community operators to easily send an Email or Slack Direct Message to multiple members at once, streamlining communication and saving valuable time and effort.


How It Works

Within the member's table, community admins can select multiple members and send them either an Email or, if Slack is enabled, a Slack Direct Message. This will send an individual email or message to each selected member, rather than initiating a group conversation.


How To Send Bulk Emails or Slack Direct Messages

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1.  Navigate to Admin > Members tab.

2.  Select several members by checking the boxes next to members’ names.

3.  A window will popup and to message all users simultaneously click "Send Message".

4.  A drawer will open with options on how the message is sent to each member (eg. Email or Slack direct messaging).  Note that to send a direct message you must have Slack connected.   

From here, customize your message. Current variables available to personalize your bulk message are {{ user.firstName }} {{ user.lastName }}.