About This Feature

Onboarding provides the flexibility to tailor the registration process for each member. By toggling different steps on or off, customization is simplified. To customize a step, admins can simply click on it to add custom videos or text. For instance, adding a welcome video as the initial step enhances the onboarding experience.


How It Works

Admins can choose to make onboarding mandatory or optional. If mandatory, every new Member must complete the onboarding flow even if they register for a Product (eg. a course). They will be onboarded into the community and continue to the Product dashboard.


How To Steps

  1. Navigate to Admin > Members > Onboarding.
  2. Preview the onboarding flow at any time by clicking on the “Preview Onboarding” button to see from the Members’ perspective. 
  3. Choose to include a step in the flow by toggle it on/off.
  4. To customize a step, click on it to open the drawer. Edit the step title, sub-header, description, and visual assets if applicable.
  • Welcome Message: Include a welcome message, an image or a welcome video. 
  • Community Guidelines: Edit community guidelines by clicking in-line.
  • Complete Your Profile: Reminds members to upload an avatar and add a bio.
  • Custom fields - Tell us about yourself: Capture some/ all custom profile fields. Check the box next to each custom field to include in onboarding.
  • Slack Connection Automatically sends an invite instead of manually inviting new members to the Slack community. The invite to Slack happens seamlessly via email.
  • Completion Message: Add a completion message. After the last step of onboarding, Members will be taken to either the community Home tab or the dashboard for the Product they registered for.