Disco Roles and Permissions

About This Feature

It takes a lot of contributors to make a thriving learning community. Disco has roles to meet many use cases for community owners and operators to provide more flexibility for managing your community. 

How It Works

Disco has community-level and product-level roles. Assign Members to a role, which grants them permissions and access across the platform. The role you've granted a Member determines what they can see and what actions they can perform. An individual can have multiple roles within a community, such as being a Community Admin or a Product Instructor. 

Community Roles

Community roles allow the management of an entire community and its products.

1. Owners

Owners can change billing information and manage all aspects of this community. An Owner can:

  1. Create products 
  2. Edit products
  3. Manage integrations
  4. Change plans
  5. Manage billing

2. Admins

Admins can manage all products but cannot change Stripe or billing information. An Admin can:

  1. Create products 

  2. Edit products

  3. Manage integrations

3. Members

Community members can participate in your community and select Products. This is the default status given to someone entering your community. 

Product Roles

Product roles allow the management of an individual Product. 

1. Manager

Managers can adjust all aspects of a product. A Manager can:

  1. Create products 

  2. Edit products

  3. Manage integrations

  4. Change plans

  5. Manage billing

2. Instructor

Instructors can add/remove content and schedule Events within a Product. An Instructor can:

  1. Create events

  2. Create content

  3. Add/ remove people

How to Assign a Role

  1. Navigate to the Admin Area > Roles
  2. Select EditAssign Role 
  3. Click the Invite button and search for names
  4. Search for names of members in the community or enter an email address to send an invite to

How to Update a Member's Role

  1. Navigate to the Admin Area > Roles
  2. Select EditAssign Role 
  3. Select an individual. 
  4. Click Change to X

Important Considerations

  • You must have the same level or role or higher to remove someone from their role
  • For Community roles, Owners and Admins must be changed to Members
  • For Product roles, Managers and Instructors can simply be removed from the role

Assigning Roles - Best Practices

 1. Assign a community role while adding people into your community by selecting the desired role from the drop-down to the far right in the invite modal. This invite interface is accessible from the top right button on the Members Page, The Members Table (Admin Dashboard), and the Invites Page (Admin Dashboard > Members > Invites).

2. Administer roles from the Roles Page (Dashboard > Members > Roles). A tray will open when you click the edit icon on the role you’d like to administer. From here, click the “Assign Role” tab.

a) For Community roles (Owners, Admins and Members), you can either use the search bar to find existing people in your community to give the role to, or click the “+ Add Members Button” to enter an email address.

b) For Product roles (Managers and Instructors), you must first sort through the list of products and select the product you want to assign roles inside of. Once you’ve selected the desired product, you can assign Manager(s) and/or an Instructor(s) by searching within that product or clicking the “+ Add to Team” button.

3. Change someone’s role from the Members Table (Dashboard > Members). This can be done by selecting an individual you’d like to assign to a new role and then clicking the avatar icon inside the floating card that appears at the bottom of the screen.

4. Assign a role in an individual product by clicking the invite button in the top right of the main Experience page. From here, select the desired role next to the names and emails you’ve entered to invite.

5. From the overflow menu on an individual Product in the left-hand community navigation, Click ‘Settings”, followed by “Manage Team” in the tray. From here, you can add Managers and/or Instructors by searching within that product or clicking the “+Add to Team” button.


Q: Can I have multiple Community Owners?

A: Yes, owners can assign other owners. There must always be at least one Owner.

Q: Can I change the responsibilities of a role or create a new one?

A: The roles Disco provides cannot be edited.

Q: Can someone have more than one role?

A: Yes, there are roles at the Community and Product levels. A Member is considered a role at the Community level. Product roles are specific to the Product they are assigned to.