Update Your Member Account Password

About This Feature

Disco allows Members to control account settings and maintain security by enabling each user to update their passwords easily. This tool ensures account security and helps prevent unauthorized access.

How It Works

Members can initiate a password change from their profile settings, triggering a secure password reset email. This email contains a link to set a new password, ensuring only the account holder can make this change.

How To Update Your Password

  1. Navigate to your avatar at the bottom left of the screen > Select ‘My Profile
  2. On the profile setting drawer, switch to the ‘Account’ tab. 
  3. Select ‘Update Password’.
  4. A reset password email will be sent to your email address.
  5. In the email, click ‘Reset Password’, then enter your new password and confirm. 



Q: Can an Admin update a Member password on behalf of the Member?

A: No, Member Account passwords can only be reset by the Member.