Sub-Groups in Products

About This Feature

Sub-Groups help to foster deeper connections among Members, encourage more focused and relevant discussions, and provide a more personalized and engaging experience.

How It Works

When a Product is created, the system automatically creates a system group for it. This allows Admins to perform bulk actions such as sending a DM or email to all members within the course. Admins target that product system group when performing this action.

To target a smaller group within that Product, Admins have the ability to create custom Sub-Groups.  


How To Create A Sub-Group in a Product

  1. Navigate to Products > Select a product, open the overflow and select “Settings
  2. Switch over to the “Sub-group” tab.
  3. Click “Add New Sub-group”.
  4. Customize the sub-group, give it a name and label color, check the visibility.
    Note: Sub-groups must have the same visibility as the parent group. This means if the product is visible to everyone, then all sub-groups within the product will also be visible to everyone.
  5. Add members to the sub-group. 
  6. Click “Create Sub-group”.