Disco Desktop vs Mobile Experience


Overall Product Experience on Disco Mobile

The Disco Mobile App allows full access to the Product Experience. This includes accessing the Product Dashboard, completing the Curriculum, and using all product Apps, such as Collections and Feeds. This ensures users can engage with the entire product experience on the go, making learning and interaction seamless and convenient.


How It Works

Similar to the desktop experience, the Products tab on mobile is the second tab on the main navigation. This Products Page surfaces all product-related notifications, such as new curriculum assignments or new posts in the feed. Only registered products appear here; registration for new products should be done using the desktop platform.


How to Navigate a Product on Disco Mobile App

Step 1: From the Products page, tap on a product to open its Dashboard. This Dashboard is an accumulated view of blocks, highlighting the most recent content. Please use the desktop platform to edit or rearrange the positions of these blocks.



Step 2: On the horizontal nav, scroll left and right to see the available product apps. Members can access the full curriculum content by tapping the “Curriculum” tab. All released modules display a progress indicator showing how much has been done and how much remains to be completed. 



Step 3: Explore other available apps using the top horizontal navigation bar. This includes “Collections" for content, "Feed" for updates, or relevant “Custom Links and Embeds”. Create new product Apps using the desktop platform.


Q: How does the Disco mobile app determine time zones, and how can I adjust my time zone settings?

A: Disco uses the timezone set to a Member's Profile.  You can adjust this by changing the timezone in your Member Profile.  From the mobile app, navigate to My Profile > Edit > Local Time > Save Changes.