Push Notifications on Disco Mobile


About This Feature

Push notifications on mobile help you stay up-to-date and involved with the latest news, messages, and activities in your community. This feature ensures that you stay connected to important conversations and events, enhancing your community experience by delivering timely alerts directly to your device.


How It Works

Push notifications send alerts about activities and interactions in the app, such as:

  • Product notifications: new modules release, event reminders, new posts, and curriculum updates.
  • Community notifications: new direct messages, new comments, replies, and mentions.

Users can control what notifications they receive using the Notification Preferences settings, ensuring they are only notified about what matters most.


How to Manage Push Notifications on Mobile

Step 1: Tap the notification bell on the upper right corner of the screen. Click the overflow icon and choose “Notification Preferences”:

Alternatively, go to the “More” page, select “Settings,” and then pick “Notification Preferences” from the options provided.


Step 2: In the list, use the toggle to turn push notifications on or off according to your preference.


Important Considerations

Any changes made to your notifications only affect push notifications on mobile devices. You'll still get email notifications. To change your email notification settings, navigate to the notification settings in your Member Profile via the web platform.