Feeds: Posting on Disco Mobile


About This Feature

The mobile Posts feature allows Community Members to share updates and insights and engage in discussions directly from the mobile app. This feature facilitates the sharing of thoughts, announcements, and information within the community, making it ideal for everyone to stay connected on the go.


How It Works

Disco Feeds contain two engagement aspects:

  • Posts: Allow admins and members to share content, updates, and announcements with the entire community or within specific groups.
  • Reactions and Comments: Allow members to interact with posts by expressing their thoughts and reactions, further enhancing community dialogue and engagement.


How to Create New Post on Mobile

Step 1: Tap the blue button at the center of the bottom navigation bar. From the prompt, choose “New Post”.


Step 2: Select the feed where you wish to make a post. Use the search bar to locate a specific feed.


Step 3: Enter the post title, compose the post and add images, videos, or attachments. Hit “Post” to share with the selected Feed. Your post will be visible to Members who can react or comment.