Direct Messages (DMs) on Disco Mobile


About This Feature

The Direct Messaging feature enables users to start private conversations with community members directly from the mobile app.


How It Works

Disco DMs are crucial for having private conversations. Users can use DMs for:

  • Sending 1:1 private messages
  • Sending private messages to a small group of members

How To Create a DM in Disco Mobile

Step 1: Tap the blue button at the center of the bottom navigation bar. From the list, choose “New Direct Message.” 

Step 2: Check the box(es) next to the member(s) name. Use the search bar to find specific people quickly. Once done, click “Start Conversation” to proceed.

Step 3: Type the message into the text input box and press send to join the conversation. Tapping on the chat name opens the list of members in the conversation.


Important Considerations

Navigating away from the chat interface without sending the first message will discard the conversation. Make sure to send a message to keep the chat active.