About The Disco Mobile Experience

The Mobile Navigation integrates the desktop experience into our mobile app, allowing Admins and Members to actively engage with the community on the go. 


How It Works

The bottom navigation highlights key sections, allowing users to move through different areas, including:

  1. Community Menu: Access all community sections and spaces.
  2. Registered Products: Access enrolled products.
  3. Global Actions: Access universal functions across the app ie. create new DMs or new Post.
  4. Chat Discussions: Engage in private or public conversations and discussions.
  5. More: Discover additional functionalities such as Events, Bookmarks, Settings, and Profile.


How To Navigate

Tab 1: Community Menu: 

This tab is consistent with the desktop's left navigation. To access the community switcher, tap the community badge and name.


Tab 2: Registered Products

Access the list of registered products through this tab. Tap on the product to access the dashboard, curriculum, collections, and beyond.


Tab 3: Global Actions

The Global Actions button provides the most essential engagement functions:

  • Create New Post: Share updates, insights, or ask questions in a feed.
  • Create New Channel Message: Send messages to a community channel or specific product channels.
  • Create New Direct Messages: Send 1:1 messages or private messages to a small group.

To start, tap on the blue icon in the middle of the bottom bar, select the desired action, then select the destination for the post or message. It could be the community feed or a specific channel within a product.


Tab 4: Chats & Discussions

Disco Mobile App offers 3 forms of communication:

  • Direct Messages
  • Channels
  • Threads

Tap on a channel or a message to start engaging in the conversation.


Tab 5: More

Explore additional options on this tap offer, including: 

  • Update member profile 
  • Discover upcoming events within the community
  • Access saved content

Beyond these features, this tab also provides essential support and configuration options:

  • Help & Support
  • Leave Community
  • Sign Out



Helpful Considerations

  • At the top, the global search box is always visible for easy access. 
  • Notification bell at the top right corner of every tab