Disco Mobile App Overview and Important Considerations

Feature Overview

This article provides an overview of the functionalities offered in the beta release of the Disco mobile app, including capabilities and limitations for both Community Admins and Members.

Disco’s mobile app is finally here and available for direct download using the following links:




Important Considerations:

  • The Disco Mobile App is a companion app that ultimately augments and enhances the Disco Community Member experience. 
  • New Members of your Community should start with onboarding via their desktop.  Admin/s should refer to the Admin limitations below to better understand what Admin functions are available in the mobile app.  

How It Works

Current Features:

  • Community Home: Access the community's main Home Page.
  • Community Switcher: Switch between different communities.
  • Product Experience: View and interact with the product Dashboard, Curriculum, Collection, Feed, Custom Links and Embeds, etc.
  • Channels & Threads: Participate in discussions and follow threads
  • Direct Messages: Initiate private conversations with community members.
  • Notifications: Receive and manage push notifications.
  • Posts in Feeds: Create posts in Feeds.
  • React & Comment: Respond to posts and content by reacting or commenting.
  • Search: Find members, content, or products or events within the app.
  • More: Navigate through Member Profile, Events, Bookmarks, Settings, etc.

Current Limitations and Considerations:

For Admins

Admins currently cannot:

  • Create new products or edit/manage existing ones.
  • Add new left nav apps/sections or reorder/edit the left nav.
  • Create new channels or edit/manage existing ones.
  • Create new events or editing/managing existing events 
  • Create new content or edit/manage existing content.
  • Share events or content.
  • Invite or remove members or access the Admin Dashboard

For Members

Members currently cannot:

  • Register for new products
  • Update account settings