About This Feature

Use leaderboards to highlight the most active and contributing members, boosting participation and interaction. This feature motivates users with recognition and offers Admins a way to nurture a lively community. Ideal for enhancing engagement and fostering deeper connections, Leaderboards inspire members to actively participate in Discussions, immerse themselves in Content, complete Modules, and interact with peers.


How It Works

The Leaderboard tracks and calculates an "Engagement Score" for each community member. This score is based on predefined criteria the Admin sets, such as comments, reactions, lessons completed, and other engagement metrics.

The customizable Leaderboard can be added to the community’s Home page or the Product Dashboard, allowing both Members and Admins to view and monitor the rankings in real time. Settings can be adjusted to display a specific number of members and to reflect activities over specified periods, offering flexibility in how accomplishments are recognized and displayed.


How To Create A Leaderboard

1. Customize Your Engagement Score

  • Navigate to the "Engagement" section under “Insights” within your Admin dashboard
  • Select "Edit Weights" on the Engagement Scorecard  
  • Adjust the weight of each interaction type according to its importance to your community

2. Add Leaderboard to Product Dashboard or Community Home

  • Navigate to “Community Home” or “Product Dashboard” and select  “+” to “Add Block”
  • Select the “Leaderboard” block 

3. Adjust Settings

  • Choose the Leaderboard style (list or carousel)
  • Set the number of Members to show
  • Set time period (last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, last 365 days, this week, last week, this month, last month, this year, last year)



Q: Does a leaderboard within a Product differ from one in the Community?

A: Yes, the Product leaderboard will only consider points gained from actions within that Product.