Customize your Community to reflect your Brand

Introduction to Branding & Customization in Disco

Customizing the appearance of your Disco community significantly impacts how your brand is presented within the Community. This extends to visual elements like logos and colors, as well as the terminology used throughout the Community. Personalization ensures your Community aligns with your brand's aesthetic and resonates with your brand voice.


How It Works

How To Customize your Community appearance:

  1. Navigate to Settings: From our Admin Dashboard, click Settings 
  2. Appearance Tab: From Settings, select 'Appearance' tab. 
  3. Update Branding Elements:
      1. Logo: Upload your logo, which will appear in the top left-hand corner of your Community space.
      2. Favicon: Update the favicon for browser tab identification.
      3. Cover Photo: Set a cover photo that welcomes members and represents your brand. This image also appears when your Community is shared externally.
  4. Choose a Theme: Decide between a light or dark theme based on what best suits your brand and community aesthetic.
  5. Customize Colors:
      1. Primary Color: Select a color that will be applied to buttons, links, and other interactive elements.
      2. Page Background Color: Choose the background color for your community space, typically seen behind content cards.
  6. Adjust Labels: Update the language used within your Disco space to match your community's vernacular. This can include renaming 'Members,' 'Products,' and 'Curriculum' to terms more aligned with your community's context.

Important Considerations

  • Theme Selection: Consider the accessibility and readability of your chosen theme, especially when selecting the primary and background colors.


Q: Can I preview changes before applying them?

A: Changes in the appearance tab are updated in real-time. Review your selections carefully to ensure they align with your brand before finalizing.


Q: Is it possible to revert to default settings?

A: Yes, you can revert to the default settings if needed. However, we recommend keeping track of your custom settings if you wish to reapply them later.


Q: How often can I update the appearance and labels?

A: You can update the appearance and labels as often as necessary. Regular updates can keep your community space fresh and aligned with any evolving brand guidelines.