Member Experience: Customize your Community Home Page

Introduction to the Community Home Page

The Community Home page in Disco is the primary landing space for Members upon joining your Community. This fully customizable central hub is a unique opportunity to create a welcoming and informative environment tailored to your use case. This guide will walk you through personalizing the Community Home Member experience from the moment they arrive.

How It Works

How To Steps

  1. The Community Home: Navigate to your 'Home' page; this is the first view Members will experience and is designed to be the gateway to your community.
  2. Customize Navigation: The left-hand navigation bar is your starting point. You'll find links to key sections like Events, the Experiences library, and discussion areas here. This bar is adaptable; items can be reordered through drag-and-drop functionality or expanded with new sections to suit your community's layout preferences.
  3. Add Sections and Items:
      1. To introduce a new section, hover over the '+' icon and click to create. For instance, naming it 'Example Section' instantly adds a new category to your navigation bar.
      2. Individual items can be added within these sections, such as specific content pieces, custom embeds, or links to important resources.
  4. Customize the Member Experience:
      1. The central area of the Community Home can host various blocks for different purposes – from welcoming members and highlighting upcoming events to featuring select experiences.
      2. Utilize the carousel functionality for blocks with multiple items, allowing members to browse through content seamlessly.
  5. Reorganize Content Blocks:
      1. Adjust the placement of blocks to prioritize essential information or minimize distractions. This could involve moving a large welcome block to a less prominent position or elevating event notifications to catch members' attention.
  6. Leverage the Feed Block:
      1. The Feed block aggregates the Feed App from your Products; think of this as a newsreel for Members. Use this Feed block to keep the Community informed and engaged.

Important Considerations

  • Member Experience: Prioritize the layout and content to your Community's interests and needs. A well-organized Community Home can significantly improve the Member experience by providing easy access to resources, events, and discussions.
  • Content Visibility: Strategically place content blocks to highlight key events, experiences, or announcements. The positioning of these blocks can impact Member engagement with featured content.
  • Feedback and Adaptation: Consider gathering feedback from community members on the usability and helpfulness of the Community Home layout. Continuous improvement based on user input can lead to a more dynamic and member-focused community space.


Q: Can I revert changes made to the Community Home layout?

A: Manual adjustments can be made to restore previous layouts or update the Community Home however, you cannot revert to a previous version of your Community Home.

Q: How many custom sections can I add to the Community Home?

A: There is no limit to the number of custom sections; however, we recommend a simple layout to avoid overwhelming Members.

Q: Is it possible to preview changes before they go live?

A: Changes to the Community Home are reflected in real-time; be aware that there is no Draft Mode when making changes to your Home page.