Managing Roles in Disco


Introduction to Managing Roles

Roles are essential for defining access; Disco has two role categories: Community-level access and Product-level access. Roles allow you to allocate responsibilities and permissions appropriately among team members, instructors, managers, and members.


How It Works


How To Assign a Role:

  1. Navigate to Roles: Access your admin dashboard and click 'Roles' under the members section. This takes you to the overview of available roles in your Community.
  2. Understanding Role Categories: Roles are categorized into community and product levels, each with distinct permissions.
    1. Community Level Roles

        1. Owner: This role has full access, including the ability to add integrations, manage billing, change plans, and customize the community and products. Each community requires at least one Owner.
        2. Admin: Admins possess nearly all the capabilities of an Owner, except for managing billing and changing subscription plans.
        3. Member: Members can access all community resources, events, and products, and participate in discussions. However, they cannot create or edit any community or product settings.
    2. Product Level Roles

        1. Manager: Managers can create and edit content, set pricing, and adjust product settings.
        2. Instructor: Instructors can create content and access resources, events, and products but cannot alter product settings or pricing.
  3. Customizing Role Names: The default role names (Manager, Instructor) can be changed to better align with your organization's terminology and structure.
  4. Assigning Roles: Assign roles to existing community members directly or invite new individuals by name or email to join your community with a specific role.


Q: Can a community have more than one Owner?

A: Yes, a community can have multiple Owners.

Q: How do I change someone's role within the community?

A: Navigate to the 'Roles' section in the Admin Dashboard, select the individual, and adjust their role from the available options.

Q: Is it possible to customize the permissions within a role?

A: Permissions within a role cannot be customized.