Introduction to Products

Introduction to Products

Products in Disco are the building blocks of your Community experience. Create a Product from scratch or use one of the pre-populated templates for a Cohort-Based Course, Self-Paced Course, Event Series or Member Space. This guide will walk you through the process from start to finish.


How It Works


How To Create A Product:

  1. Navigate to the Products Tab: Start by accessing the community area. Locate the products tab labelled Experiences, Spaces, Programs, or Courses. The '+' icon indicates the option to add a new Product.
  2. Product Creation: Click on the 'Add Product' button. This action offers two paths: creating a Product from scratch for full customization or selecting from a range of templates. Templates include options for cohort-based courses, self-paced courses, event series, and member spaces; each pre-populated with the relevant Apps.
  3. Customize Your Selection: If using a template, review the included Apps and adjust according to your use case. Assign a name to your Product and choose an icon for easy identification. Determine the access level, setting it as public for broader reach or private for exclusive access.
  4. Configure Product Details: For Products with a defined timeline, such as cohort-based courses, use the fixed duration option and specify the length. This ensures participants are aware of the course timeline from the outset.
  5. Use Additional Apps: Beyond the default Apps, consider adding more Apps; this could include forums for discussion, resource collections, or custom links to external resources.
  6. Finalize and Save: Once you have customized the Product to your satisfaction, save your draft. Once you see confetti, you'll know you've successfully created a Product!  Navigate to the Product dashboard to review all the added Apps ready for customization. 

Important Considerations

  • Access Level Decision: Carefully consider whether your Product should be public or private. This decision impacts how your Product is discovered and who can enroll.


Q: Is it possible to modify the Apps included in a template?

A: Yes, all templates are designed for flexibility. Add, remove, or replace Apps within any template.

Q: How can I make my Product engaging for participants?

A: Focus on interactivity and community. Incorporate live Events, Discussions, and Collections to keep participants engaged and foster community.

Q: What should be considered when setting the duration of a Cohort-based Course?

A: Balance the course content's depth with participants' availability. A well-considered duration ensures the course is comprehensive yet manageable for all participants.