Accessibility: Subtitles and Captions

About This Feature

Add subtitles to a video to enhance accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments, facilitate global reach through multilingual support, and improve overall content comprehension. 


How It Works

Subtitles can be uploaded in multiple languages and different formats. (.srt or .vtt ) Choose whether to auto-generate them in English, and have the flexibility to delete specific tracks.


How To Add Subtitles and Captions

Step-by-step instructions for adding Subtitles and Captions are below:

1. Access subtitles or captions

Navigate to your Admin Dashboard and click "Content"' in the sidebar. Next, navigate to the "Media Assets" page and select "Subtitles and caption" from the Video if you want to add subtitles.

2. Subtitle Setup
1. Choose the language of your video
2. Optionally, auto-generate subtitles for English videos
3. Select additional languages and upload corresponding subtitle files.

3.  Processing and finalization
1. Allow the system time for subtitle processing
2. Review the preview for accuracy
3. Save your changes once satisfied



Q: Can I add subtitles in multiple languages?

A: Yes! Upload subtitle files for multiple languages and enable multilingual support.


Q: What file format for subtitle uploads are acceptable?
A: Subtitle files are accepted in the SRT(SubRip Subtitle) and VTT(WebVTT)  formats to video assets.


Q: How long does it take for auto generated subtitles to be generated?

A: The processing time for auto generated subtitles will vary dependent on the length of your video.


Q: Are there limitations on the number of languages I can add subtitles in?

A: No, you can add subtitles in multiple languages without any restrictions.


Q: Can viewers disable subtitles if they prefer not to use them?

A: Yes, viewers have the option to turn off subtitles through the video player settings.