Discussions, Threads and Direct Messages

Discussions, Threads and Direct Messages


Introducing a new way of communicating within Disco. To increase engagement, we’ll move discussion channels and feeds out of the product navigation and give them a more prominent space in the main left navigation. We’re also introducing a brand new Threads page and Direct Messages page, where community members can easily access and participate in conversations, leading to improved engagement levels.


A. Discussions Section

A new section in the left navigation surfaces Disco Discussions.

With this new feature, channels can be created both at a product level and a community level, allowing admins to have conversations across all areas of the community.


Discussions can be for "All Members" or limited to a specific group.


How to create a new discussion channel?


Step 1: Select where you want the channel to sit 

Hover over the discussion section title, you will see the plus icon appears that allows you to create a new discussion. Select whether you want to create a Community Discussion or a Product Discussion. 


Step 2: If you select “Product Discussion” in step 1, select the product.

When creating product channels from the Discussions section, begin by selecting the corresponding product for the channel. This way, the channel will display a product badge, making it easier for members to locate in their left navigation. 

Note: For effective organization, consider placing the product name at the beginning of the channel's name since channels are sorted alphabetically. This arrangement ensures that all channels within the same product are grouped together in the left navigation


Step 3: Set up the new channel.


Give the channel a name and select who will have access to the channel. You could set it to all community members or make it private so only specific groups or members can access it. Then click “Complete Setup” and you’re good to go!


Note: Once the channel is created, channel access cannot be changed. For example, if you selected “Private”, you can still add or remove group(s) or member(s), however, you won’t be able to change from “Private” to “All Community Members”



B - Threads page 

Introducing a new dedicated page to surface thread replies. Replies to channel threads and DM threads will show here.

Note: this page is only for viewing and replying to existing threads. You cannot create a new message from this page.


C - Direct Messages:

Introducing a new dedicated page to surface direct messages. This page allows you to easily keep track of the direct messages you send and receive.