Brand customization is vital as it empowers you to keep continuity with your unique brand identity. By tailoring the visual elements, such as logos and colors, you can create a cohesive brand experience that cultivates recognition, trust, and differentiation in a crowded market.


How to change your community logo and appearance

Quickly change your community feel from being Disco branded to being branded with your own logo and colors.


Custom Labels

We understand that not all communities use the same terminology when describing "members", "admins", "curriculum", "tasks", "lessons", etc.  Use this tool to customize the terminology used throughout your entire community.


Customize your community Left Navigation

Change the order in which members view your community navigation bar. You can move sections around to make them more prominent such as making your products the focus, or you can hide sections altogether if you don't want to have a members tab on the home page.


Using blocks to customize your dashboard

Blocks allow you complete control over the visual elements that live within your community and products. Add branded imagery to fully immerse your members in your community.


General Customization

Use our Disco Platform Images Guide to inform the sizing of various images across your community, as well as utilizing your media library to save time by reusing common branded imagery. For text customization, refer to How to Use Disco's Rich Editor.