Monetize your learning community with flexible membership payments that unlock access to a collection of Products or different areas within your community. 


At Disco, we understand that your business model needs flexibility. With Disco memberships, you can now charge a subscription. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use memberships, plus what’s included and not included.


What’s included?


✅ Default Free membership plan

✅ Paid membership plans (weekly, monthly, or annual subscriptions)

✅ Adding a collection of Products to unlock access to courses and areas 

✅ Customizable registration page

✅ Public or Invite Only access to membership

✅ Membership reports on members, Products, gross earnings, page visits and payments (successful and unsuccessful), pay dates, amount, etc. 

✅ Registration access to join the community from the community public page

✅ Ability to have both a membership AND a 1-time payment on a Product

✅ Auto-add members to a Product

✅ Plan selection page for members to choose between plans

✅ Member plan management to upgrade and cancel paid memberships


How to set up a membership plan

Step 1: Create a Plan

In Disco, navigate into “Products” and select “Memberships”. From this page, select the main CTA button on the top right to “Create Plan”.



Step 2: Connect Stripe

If you haven’t already, connect Stripe to take payments for your memberships. After connecting Stripe, you’ll be redirected back to creating your plan.



Step 3: Add Title and Price

To create your plan, give your membership a title and price. For pricing, you can input an amount and select the frequency to be either “Weekly”, “Monthly” or “Annually”

Note: All membership plans in a community must be created on the same Stripe account, otherwise there will be issues with payments.


Step 4: Select Products

Next, select the dropdown, and select all the Products you would like to add to your membership. Once selected, you’ll see the Products shown in the list below. 



Step 5: Publish

Once your membership settings and details have been fully customized, update the status under the “Details” tab to “Publish” and hit “Save”.



Note: At the moment, we do not support the ability to change the membership price once the plan has registered members in it. However, we’re actively working on making this feature available in a future iteration.


How to view membership reports

Under the “Memberships” tab, click on a membership to open the report view.

In the drawer, you will be able to view “Registered Members”, “Total Gross Earnings” and “Unique Page Visits” as well as a table view of all processed transactions from that membership. 

KB Article -Membership Report.png

What does the member's registration experience look like?

To become a new member of a community, members need to follow the following steps:


Step 1: Select the membership plan

When members decide to join a community, they are presented with various membership options that come with different benefits and price points. Each plan offers access to a unique set of content and resources.

KB Article - Select Plan.png

Step 2: Review membership details and set up a new account

After selecting a membership plan, members should review the membership details including the benefits and Products the plan offers. If satisfied, members can then proceed to create a new account by providing their information such as name and email address. 

KB Article - Register.png

Step 3: Put in payment details and complete the purchase

As members complete the process, they will be prompted to enter their payment details and confirm the transaction. Upon completion, members can expect to receive a verification email and can now start to explore the community’s benefits.

KB Article - Checkout.png

Register for a product with a one-time fee

For existing members on a plan, there might be a case where they want to register for a product outside of their current plan. This is still possible with the one-time fee concept. 

KB Article - 1 time register.png

You can enable the one-time fee option under the Product’s pricing tab. When this option is enabled, the fee is applied to members regardless of their membership plan. 



1. Is it possible for a Product to be included in multiple membership plans?

Yes. A Product can be available in multiple membership plans, but it must always be associated with at least one plan


2. Can multiple products/bundles be on the Free plan?

Multiple Products could be added to the same plan, including the Free plan. We're working toward making one or more bundles available on the same plan.


3. Can I charge a one-time fee for a membership?

At this time, we do not offer the option to charge a one-time fee for lifetime membership access. However, we plan to incorporate this feature in future updates. 


4. Can I charge members different prices for the same plan?

At this time, each plan can only have a single price for all members. However, we are exploring the possibility of offering discounts for memberships in future iterations.


5. Is it possible to remove a plan that has members already registered in it?

We currently do not support deleting a published plan that has registered members in it. However, you can prevent new members from signing up for the plan by changing its status from "published" to "draft." The existing members who have already joined the plan won't be affected by this change. 


6. Can members change their membership plan?

For this BETA version, members can only upgrade their membership from the free plan to a paid plan, by going to their Profile > Account > Change Plan. The new plan will take place at the end of their current cycle. If members choose to cancel their current plan, they will be downgraded to the Free plan. Members are not yet able to change between paid plans.


7. What happens if a user's payment fails?

Stripe will automatically retry the payment 8 times, and if all retries fail the member will be unenrolled from the membership plan and moved onto the free plan