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Disco has a powerful Event system that is deeply integrated with Zoom.    Create Events to boost engagement within your community or host Events within Courses for select groups of members.

> Create and host online events for some or all of your Members
> Create Events and Track attendace
> Create recurring Events
> Integrate and add Zoom events or non-Zoom events

Creating Community Wide Events (eg. All Members)
You can easily create a "Community Event" for all your members (or custom groups you create).   For example, imagine you wanted to create a monthly "ask me anything" event.   From the Admin panel, click Events tab and then click the "+Add Event" link and select "Community Event".  Community Events show up in the Event tab (along with all other Events) for all your members. 

Product Events (eg. An Event within a Course)

You can create Events inside Products for all members of that product or for sub-groups of members within that product.  For example, you might have a 6 week cohort based course with Events that are for all members of that course, but some events for smaller sub-groups within that course. 

From the Product itself you can create the Event, or from the Admin panel, click the Events tab and then click "+ Add Event" and select "Product Event".   Any Event created this way will show up inside the Product as well as inside the global "Events" tab visible to members.  Only Events members have access to will show up for them.

How Members add Events to their calendar
Learners can add events to their calendars with a simple click of a button.  This will send an email with the ICS file that will be picked up by their calendar program (ie. Google Calendar).   Read more about how Members add events.

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