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Products are learning experiences that all or some members of your community can register for.   A product, in its simplest form could be a self-paced course.   A more complicated product might unlock specific Channels or Feeds.  For example, the cohort base course product template comes pre-packaged with a channel for the members of that course to communicate.   The Product registration page also allows non-members to register for a product and join your community.

Example Products
A $1500 6 week cohort-based course with a limit of 50 members that has Channels & Events
A Free self-paced course with curriculum modules
A $100 collection of Digital Assets (ie. PDF's) 
A $1000 VIP products that unlocks the #VIP-channel

Building a Product
You can start from Scratch and build a product.  OR you can use a Product Template to create a new product quickly and easily.  

Customizing Product with Apps

Apps are extensions you can add onto any product.  For example, you can add a Channel to allow for communication between anyone that is registered for your Product. 
Types of Apps :   ChannelsFeed, Curriculum, Page, Link, Collection, Custom Embed

Product Dashboard customization
You can use Blocks to customize the look and feel of your Product dashboard.  For example, you can add a custom block of text. 

Using sub-groups within Products
Sub-groups allow you to breakup the Members of a Product into smaller groups.   You can target Events and Assignments to specific groups. 



You can issue certificates to Members of a course.   You currently cannot issue certificates to specific people (coming soon!)

Product Settings

Use the Product settings to adjust the pricing, registration, access and description of your Product.  

Duplicating Products
You can Duplicate a Product at any time.  For example, imagine you had course with a well structured curriculum.  To save time, you can duplicate an entire product and all comments and members would be removed so you can run a course again.


Monetize your learning community with flexible membership payments that unlock access to a collection of Products or different areas within your community.


Discount Codes

You can add discounts that are a fixed dollar value or a percent of the ticket price. Note that discount codes work across all your courses.


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