Customize your community Left Navigation

You can customize your communities main left navigation, change the order of items in the nav as well as add custom sections.


Changing the order 

You can change the order of the items within the left navigation. For example, you may want Members tab to appear before the Experiences tab. Only community admins are able to change the order of the left nav.  

1) Hover over the left nav item

2) Click & hold your mouse on the Move icon

3) Drag the item up or down and release. 

When you re-order Products, this will be the default state they are added for new Learners.  


Hidden Left nav items

You may have hidden some Products from your own view to reduce clutter, or you may not be a member of every Product. You can select to reveal all Products by selecting Reveal Nav Items.


Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 10.18.49 AM.png


When you begin changing the order of products, you will see this warning screen. 


Adding new Sections with Links or Embeds

You can add sections that are visible to all Members. For example, imagine you wanted to add a link to your marketing site. Click "Add Item" under Resources and select the type of resource you would like to add.  You can add a link, Embed or a Page of content