Onboarding allows you to customize the flow of registration for each Member. You can toggle on/ off different steps. Simply click on each step and you can add your own custom video or copy. For example, you can add a welcome video as step 1.   

Note that every new Member follows this onboarding flow even if they register for a Product (eg. a course). They will first be onboarded into your community and then continue to the Product dashboard.

Previewing your onboarding flow

At any time you can click "Preview Onboarding" to see from the Members perspective the different screens.  

Welcome Message
Toggle this option on to include a welcome message. You can change the image or upload a welcome video.

Community Guidelines
You can edit your community guidelines by clicking in-line.

Complete your Profile
This option reminds them to upload an avatar and add a bio.

Custom fields - Tell us about yourself
Enabling this option will allow you to capture some/ all custom profile fields. Check the box next to each custom field you wish to include in onboarding.

Slack Connection
By enabling the Slack connection step you will automatically send an invite to your connected Slack community. You will save huge amounts of time vs. having to manually invite any new member to your Slack community. The invite to Slack happens seamlessly via email.

Note we are unable to determine which members have accepted the Slack invite. 

Completion Message
Add a completion message. After the last step of onboarding Members will be taken to either the community Home tab or the dashboard for the Product they registered for.