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Groups and sub-groups are a powerful feature that allow you to segment your membership and easily communicate or target content or events to specific groups of Members.

Understanding Groups

System groups -  System groups are created automatically by the Disco platform. For example, when you create a new Product, a system group will automatically be created that includes all registered members of that Product. This is helpful for being able to quickly bulk message ALL Members of a course. Note that you cannot delete a System group. To remove a system group you must delete the product it is associated with.

Custom groups - You can create custom groups to organize your members. For example, you may want to group all members that live in Toronto into a #Toronto group. Note that groups will not appear on their profiles. Our roadmap includes the possibility of Public groups.

Subgroups -
Subgroups allow you to break up one single group into smaller subsets, much like how Zoom has breakout rooms. Sub-groups are particularly useful for a cohort based course, where you want to create smaller teams and target Assignments and Events to specific sub-groups. The sub-group feature also has a handy tool so you see unassigned members. 

Creating a Group 

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