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Each Disco product has a Registration page which you can share with prospective Members.   However, you may find using a 3rd party tool more ideal for your overall marketing site.  You can link to each Product Registration page from your marketing site.

Find the right landing page builder to promote your community, spaces and courses. We recommend Carrd, Wix, Webflow, or Unbounce.


Which landing page builder is right for you will depend on the following:

  • How familiar are you with designing landing pages
  • Your budget
  • The time and resources you have to dedicate to design and lead generation

All products summarized offer free and paid customizable landing page templates, here is how each builder differentiates itself:


Carrd: The best free option with the smallest learning curve. You can build up to three landing pages for free, and its advanced plan is only $49.00 per year. However, Carrd's simple templates are both its greatest strength and greatest weakness. For the most part, you are limited to two-column layouts with text in one column and an image in the other.



Explore Carrd templates


Wix: Provides highly polished landing page templates designed for selling courses. It allows more customization than Carrd but with a slightly steeper learning curve. In terms of customization capabilities, it falls between Carrd and Webflow. This is a great option if you are able to leverage a class or course template that fits your content needs.



Explore Wix templates


Webflow: Great for creating highly customized page builds. This is the design community's preferred choice due to the robust customization it allows without knowing any code. The learning curve on Webflow is high compared to Carrd or Wix. Webflow offers a number of templated landing pages designed specifically for selling courses. Free plans are also available to students and educators(restrictions apply).



Explore Webflow templates


Unbounce: Best for tracking visitors, running tests and optimizing your landing page(s). Their Smart Builder leverages AI technology to help produce page layouts and content fast. You can produce a landing page (tweaks will be needed) in under 5 minutes. Unbounce can also test page variants against one another and direct traffic to the variant more likely to convert. Due to these addedfeatures, Unbounce has the most expensive price point, however, it would be worth investing in for those interested in page conversions and optimizations.



Explore Unbounce templates

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