How to setup your own custom domain

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Deliver a premium branded experience with a custom domain that makes Disco feel like it’s truly yours.


Disco allows you to connect a custom domain to your Disco community to put your brand front and center (where it should be!). Once your custom domain is setup and selected as the primary domain for your community, your members can access your community there and all links for your community will use this custom domain.



How to set up a custom domain


Step 1: Add Your Domain

In Disco, navigate to your Settings area then select "Domain and click "Add Custom Domain"


Step 2: Add Records to Domain Registrar

When you add your domain, Disco will provide a list of records that need to be added from your admin console of your domain registrar. The records will show as “Missing” and connection as “Incomplete” until the connection is established. This can take a while depending on the registrar and DNS propagation settings, but ideally takes less than an hour for the new records to exist where Disco can find them.


How to add a record for your domain registrar can vary, but here are some helpful articles and videos for some of the most popular domain registrars: 




Step 3: Set Your Custom Domain as Primary

When the records have been successfully added, your custom domain status will update to “Connected”. At this point you will need to click the dot menu and select “Set Primary Domain”. Now you can access your community on your custom domain! Due to the URL change, you and your members will be prompted to log in when using the custom domain. If you wish to remove the custom domain and go back to using your disco URL (<community> then you can click the dot menu and select “Remove Primary Domain”.


That’s it! If you have any questions, please submit a request below.

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