How to Add a Feed App

  1. Hover on the Experience name in left navigation
  2. Click + icon


  3. From modal select "Feed" App


Frequently asked Questions about Posts and the Feed App


Who can post to a Feed?
You can change who can post, by default this Feed allows all Members to Post. Administrators of the community or this Space can remove posts from Members.

What if I don’t want a Feed, can I remove it from my community?
No problem! From the left navigation, click on the ‘...’ next to the Feed app and select remove. You can always add another one later.

When I save a Post does it email my Members?
No. You have the option of sharing your post, but by default Members are not notified via email.

Can I rename the Feed App to something else?
Yes! From the left navigation, click on the ‘...’ and select 'Edit'

Can I disable Comments?
Yes - when you first publish your Post you have the option of disabling comments. This setting can be turned on or off on a per-post basis.